The Twilight Line

The Twilight Line

Rough Diamonds & Indian Polki

Combining rough diamonds, polki and precious stones from India, the Twilight Line creations are original and simply unique. Handcrafted by the designer herself and braided with a silk thread and a silver chain, each piece enchants with its charming and fascinating look.

Polki is an Indian word for a diamond left in its natural state, meaning that it is not faceted. This type of diamond has roots dating back to the Mughal era and are used in traditional Indian jewelry designs − mainly fashioned for wedding pieces.

The use of rough diamonds, with their raw and uncut beauty, symbolizes the untouched purity that lies at the core of Indian traditions. These diamonds, unrefined and unpolished, echo the sentiments of embracing authenticity and celebrating imperfections as a mark of true beauty.

Indulge in the enchanting allure of the Twilight Line, where shimmering polki diamonds and fascinating designs come together to create a truly captivating style.