Meaningful and unique jewelry that connects earth and soul

Earth to Soul

MOONSOON is much more than just a jewelry brand; it is an invitation to an inner and outer journey, reflecting my personal experience.

My aim is to introduce you to the world of jewelry, where each piece combines meaningful symbols from Buddhism and natural gemstones, drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of India. Carefully designed and created by my hands to your hands, each piece is made of gold vermeil and precious gemstones.

Like a talisman, each jewelry piece serves as a wonderful tool to accompany us in our daily lives, reminding you that life is an extraordinary journey filled with discoveries and opportunities for transformation. Each stone, each design, each of the collections are meant to put you in a positive mindset.

Moonsoon comprises two inspiring jewelry lines called "Spirit" and "Twilight"


The “Spirit” collection combines Buddhist symbols and natural stones, blending nature and spirituality to celebrate inner peace, balance, and serenity. Like a talisman for inner growth and spiritual purposes, each piece serves as an exquisite reminder of Buddha teachings. Combined with gemstones, the treasures found on Earth, this collection infuses positive energy into our daily life and speak to the heart, mind and soul.


The “Twilight” line inspires the Indian jewelry heritage and tradition and brings a modern touch. Combining rough diamonds and Polki stones from India, the MOONSOON creations are original and simply unique. Handmade and braided with metalic threads and a vermeil chain, each piece enchants with its chic and fascinating look. Polki, a traditional style of uncut diamond that originated in India centuries ago, is known for its unmatched radiance and uniqueness. Each polki gem is a window into the past, carrying with it the elegance and grace of eras gone by.

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