About the Brand and the Designer

The Story of the Designer

Hello! I’m Virginia – the designer, founder, and everything in between for MOONSOON.

Here is how it all began…

MOONSOON is the result of a profound personal and professional transformation. It’s the story of charting a new life course.

After several years of experience in multinational companies, I resigned 2011 from my comfortable corporate job to open a jewelry store with my favourite brands.

From time to time, I created necklaces with gemstones bought on trade fairs, only because of my deep fascination with these precious stones.  But these were just some side projects.

It was while studying the Dharmavinaya and taking part into meditation sessions that the idea of creating meaningful jewelry arose.

I wanted to combine elements from nature with Buddhist symbols to create jewelry that would harmonize body, mind, and emotions – like a talisman reminding me to stay connected to my true self and the natural world around me.

In 2021, I launched the Spirit and Twilight lines of MOONSOON exclusively in my store.

After returning from India, where I deepened my spiritual awareness in an Ashram, I decided to devote myself entirely to the jewelry creation and give MOONSOON a new dimension.

I love everything about jewelry creation. Selecting gemstones, finding components, arranging combinations, displaying collections and helping customers find their special pieces - it is such a joy-filled process for me.
Handcrafted with Passion & Love, Virginia

A Story Behind Each Piece

MOONSOON puts heart and soul into each jewelry designs giving a meaning and sending a message. Each piece has its own story and invites you to unlock your own.

MOONSOON has a unique reason for designing jewelry. When you wear jewelry, you’re part of the MOONSOON world. There is an intimate relationship between you and the jewelry.

Each jewelry piece has its own powerful spiritual meaning to bring body and soul in balance. What you put on your body tells the world who you are, and what you believe in.

Gemstones are captivating to me. I simply love looking at them, touching them and observing their colour reflection. Unconsciously, it provides me a sense of inner peace and calmness.