Jasper seashell rigid bracelet

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Jasper promotes healing, stress relief, courage, emotional stability, and detoxification. Seashells enhance calmness, relaxation, intuition, emotional balance, creativity, and harmony.

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  • Material: sterling silver 925
  • Finishing: 18 ct gold plated
  • Stones: Jasper + seashell
  • Diameter: 60 mm
  • Stone properties: 
    • Jasper, a nurturing stone, is believed to promote physical and emotional healing. It aids in stress relief, enhances courage, boosts emotional stability, and supports detoxification and overall vitality.
    • Seashells are thought to possess healing properties that promote calmness and relaxation, enhance intuition and emotional balance, and aid in stress relief. They are also believed to support creativity and harmony.



Jasper, Seashell


Beige, Cream, Gold, Grey, White


925 Sterling Silver


18ct gold / 750, Vermeil